Shatter Me Book Review

YA Science Fiction Dystopian                                                                                 page count: 338


So basically, Juliette has a deadly ability that’s made her life pretty rough.  The world she lives in is dying and controlled by a militant government. Her desolated, lonely life gets a whole lot more interesting when she meets a real chill guy named Adam.

Throughout the book, fiery, stubborn Juliette battles the new government, (who are desperate to have her), and battles the emotions inside that threaten to consume her…


Plot grabbed me pretty well with an interesting concept. Filled with ‘whys’ and ‘what happens next.’ Keeping me reading to, most of the time, my disdain because goodness, the  metaphors! The writer uses metaphors way too often that never fit and make the writing very cheesy. My personal favorite of these is when the protagonist is going on (once again) about a certain character’s eyes. No seriously she does this a LOT.

“…perfect shade of cobalt, blue like a blossoming bruise, clear and deep and decided.”

The world building felt real small to me although I think that may have been the writer’s intention focusing more on personal feeling than surroundings. The setting? The very common dystopian about humans destroying the world and up comes a sucky replacement of a government. I can like these, and they can be original. But I didn’t feel it was elaborated enough to give the reader the fresh feeling of escape into a new interesting world.

The antagonist frustrated me a lot too. Very typical, uninteresting, and just… won’t… die. (Spoiler alert) The main characters had chances to kill him and didn’t take it. He’s very clearly evil! Like I’m not kidding, this guy… But they don’t kill him! They don’t! Even though he threatens to hunt them down and seek revenge, rip her lover to pieces, bla, bla, bla, they don’t! I felt it was the writer’s excuse to keep the character.

I mean, I get the whole redemption and mercy thing from main characters. It’s so we can root for them, right? It’s the christian thing to do. But, this guy, (Spoiler alert) threatens a toddler’s life like it means nothing to him. This guy’s a bad dood! I don’t think he was left alive for any other reason than the fact that he’s the bad guy and must stay alive for all extensive purposes.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the protagonist’s lover! He’s perfect, put simply. Does nothing wrong and guess what? Loves the main character to death. And when you think he’s done something wrong, it turns out it was all for the main character’s good. I personally hate that in books and movies.

Alright, I think I’m done complaining. Keep in mind, this is all my personal opinion. As I said this book kept me reading so, you may enjoy it but if you’re anything like me, it will frustrate you a lot. And if you don’t like lots of romance in a book, you probably don’t want to read this.


Romance: 7-10

(1 for ‘not much’ romance and 10 for ‘seriously?’)

Many instances of very passionate romance throughout the book. Like there were times when I was wondering if I was reading a romance.(I think it technically is part romance) Kissing and a few times where they almost go too far into ‘you know what’ but there’s always a knock or something to keep it from actually happening.

Language: 5-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘constant cussing’)

‘Damn’ a couple of times. ‘Sh*t’ a lot, ‘a*s’  a lot, and ‘jacka*s’. God’s name is taken in vain a whole lot which, is my biggest complaint about the book.

Violence: 5-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘a lot’.)

The antagonist is well, simply put, evil. He shoots people mercilessly and puts children in dangerous, life-threatening positions. The lover does a bit of punching and gets beat up pretty bad and shot by the antagonist’s men. Juliette is mistreated a lot in the start and punched as well.a few times.

Drinking, drugs or smoking: 1-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘a lot’.

She had wine. I don’t know if that bothers anyone but it was barely mentioned.

No  Homosexuals  or  Mention




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