The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Book Review

Comedy and Science fiction                                                                                page count: 218


Arthur has everything pitted against him. On earth, people want to tear down his house and in space, aliens want to destroy earth. But Arthur’s not completely doomed. Unknowingly, he’s good friends with a knowledgeable alien-hitchhiker who saves him from earth and shows him the unexpected ways of the galaxy with the help of his guidebook, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The galaxy’s big, and no easy hike for Arthur as he meets new aliens, dangerous and cunning, and ends up on the stolen ship, The Heart of Gold, that holds the improbability drive where nearly anything can happen.

Personal Opinion:

A very… strange book. The start was really good, introducing fascinating characters and an interesting plot early on accompanied by quirky humor. But as the book wore on, it got stranger and stranger.

(Of course, the following has spoilers!)

Giant orcas floating in space and creating craters in worlds, aliens with two heads and lizard-like aliens that read bad poetry, ear fish, and mice overlords. A very strange book indeed.

To it’s defense though, the oddness and the humor went hand in hand. The odder it got the more humor was to be found in it. Truly, it made me laugh and I think that was the book’s main purpose.

It also offered a different way of looking at our galaxy and was very smart in some scientific areas although I found the evolution comments pretty frustrating at times. I also can’t tell what the author’s take on God is. Sometimes the book seemed to imply God exists and sometimes the opposite. But because of the evolution comments it’s probably the latter.

I enjoyed the characters, and, most of the time, enjoyed the story.  A very odd book but a very interesting concept.

My Rating for Christians:                   

Suggested: 12+

Romance: 1-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘seriously?’)

Um, sex is mentioned. There’s also a small, kind of strange part where there on a ‘customized’ world and naked women are described as falling from the sky. I don’t know if that falls into the romance category or not but I needed to mention it somewhere.

Language: 3-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘constant cussing’.)

H*ll, smart a*s and bullsh*t. They are hardly said though.

Violence: 1-10

There was an explosion but it didn’t show anyone getting hurt. There wasn’t really any.

Drinking, drugs or smoking: 3-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 ‘for seriously’.)

The main protagonist, Arthur and his hitchhiker friend drink a lot at the start of the book, but you find out later it was all to keep from being too sick in warp drive.

No  Homosexuals  or  Mention



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