Unravel Me (Book # 2 of the Shatter Me series) Book Review


YA Science Fiction Dystopian                                                                            page count: 461


Juliette has found refuge at Omega Point, an underground compound of people with gifts like her. She’s now safe. Safe from the Reestablishment, who tried to use her as a weapon and safe from Warner, one of the young commanders obsessed with having her. Or so she thought.

Juliette is not safe from herself. She can’t control her powerful abilities or her feelings inside that threaten her and everyone around her. The people at Omega Point don’t trust her. And Adam, the person she loves most, she’s slowly killing with her own touch.

Warner is actively searching for her, for revenge or something deeper, and the Reestablishment has learned of Omega Point and will not rest until they are destroyed. No, Juliette is not safe.

A battle is coming, war is inevitable.

My Review:

Okay, got to hand it to the author. This book was exciting, it kept me reading. I was really excited to know what Warner(the antagonist of the first book) was planning and I badly wanted answers for the first book. I wasn’t disappointed. The author was very good at explaining things and making them believable.

The twists in the story were exciting and surprising but they were a little cheesy. And the metaphors! Oh man, they almost were the death of me!

‘Terror waves hello to me’.

‘I melt into a puddle at his feet.’

(This one’s my new favorite)

‘I’m checking my pockets for spare words and sentences but I’m finding none, not an adverb, not a preposition or even a dangling participle because there doesn’t exist a single response to such an outlandish request.’

The world building still felt really small to me. Where Omega Point gets it’s food, water and super cool, stylish superhero outfits isn’t really explained.

Things get better for Juliette compared to the first one but she’s really whiny. She complains a lot and is pretty depressing at times. I liked how much more emotionally stable she was in the first book, Shatter Me, a lot better.

There’s also a lot more conflict and drama between the characters, especially with her lover from the first book, Adam. A little too much for my taste. Juliette also suddenly, has an intimate fascination with the horrible antagonist, Warner, from the first book, who, I thought, she loathed for all eternity for his cruel deeds but apparently doesn’t now. This creates a lot more of that lovely drama I was talking about and a ‘love triangle’. Do you see my fingers making quotations?

I was very annoyed with this sudden drama and even more with Juliette the protagonist for why she first doesn’t see him as a monster anymore. (She sees him from afar feed a dog and thinks she misunderstood him but she saw him in the first book shoot a man and torture her lover and another soldier. But no, he’s misunderstood because he showed kindness to an animal.) I love redemption stories, especially in stories with the villains. Christians are suppose to forgive, but the reasons why she saw sudden good in him didn’t make sense to me and were very frustrating.

I also felt she was being really uncool to Adam too, who I thought she was in love with, by spending so much time with Warner. I know Adam doesn’t have a sparkling personality,( I like to call him no personality because all he is is a guy obsessed with Juliette and a confident soldier) but at least he’s better than the fanatic war maniac!

There’s a second antagonist in this book that wants Juliette, kind of like Warner. So this bad dood sets up an obvious trap and she falls for it because she doesn’t want her friends to die. C’mon, Juliette’s smarter than that!

But I suppose if she didn’t fall for it, no one would get to hear antagonist no. 2’s cheesy phrases and evil plans. I did love, however, how Juliette talked to him though. Especially when he suggested keeping her alive for his amusement.

‘Thanks for the offer, but I’d rather jump off a cliff’.

There were many times like this that the protagonist and the characters made me laugh.

I complained in my review of Shatter Me about Juliette and Adam for some reason keeping the evil Warner alive, but with this new antagonist, Juliette has so much hatred for him she actually enjoys trying to kill him. I didn’t think it was a very appropriate way for ‘the hero’ to act. Especially with a good-hearted character like Juliette.

So, exciting book, I thought it was worth reading. It could be frustrating and the romance was a little much. The first book had a lot more action whilst this one focused more on emotion. I liked Shatter Me better but I’ve read worse sequels.

My Rating for Christians:

Suggested: 14+

Romance: 8-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘seriously?’)

This one went a bit farther in the romance area than in the first book. There were many times where they almost went too far but something always kept them from getting there. The romance was very passionate and a little uncomfortable for me because I didn’t know just how far the author was going to go.

Juliette loves tattoos(blech) and explains one right above the love interests pants in uncomfortable detail. There are a few references to sex and discarding clothing.

Language: 6-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘constant cussing’.)

God’s name taken in vain many times with damn. Different forms of sh*t. A*s a lot, hell, and d*ck. The middle finger too a few times.

Violence: 3-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 for ‘graphic violence’.)

Juliette’s not the most stable protagonist with powerful abilities so she shoves people against walls and fantasizes killing the no. 2 antagonist with malice. There’s also a lot of shooting and people getting shot but that’s not described graphically.

There’s also a lot of boyfriend drama, trying to kill each other, ya know, the good stuff.

Drinking, drugs or smoking: 0-10

(1 for ‘hardly any’ and 10 ‘for seriously’.)

As far as I know, absolutely none.

No  Homosexuals  or  Mention


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